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New Book Review: “Mind The Maths Magic” By Vinny Sagoo/Neo Magic

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Vinny Sagoo’s new book, “Mind The Maths Magic” is out now to buy from his Neo Magic website. A book that I had been looking forward to reading and reviewing.

A soft back book which is published by Neo Magic and approximately A5 in size, presented with a fantastic cover design. It contains over 45 maths magic tricks using various props which include dice, cards, dominoes, coins and even paperclips! The book is also supported with pdfs and teaching videos.

Aimed at all ages and any skill level from beginner upwards for anyone who has a desire to learn maths magic. A book that proves maths can be anything but boring and highlights how important maths can be when performing magic. A great way to engage kids in learning magic and maths by stealth!

"The secret to creativity in not about what you learn, but how you learn!"

Vinny Sagoo

Author Vinny Sagoo is an established magician with over 30 years experience and creates his own effects and books for his online store (Neo Magic). Previously he has published books/pamphlets with magic effects and this is Vinny's first book about being a "Mathemagician" and sharing maths magic.

Vinny told us - "Maths magic has featured heavily in a 'number' of my commercial tricks. These are old principles that I have collected over the years, which are now incorporated into a single book."

The book introduces video support early on and you can scan the 2D barcode to access all the videos and pdf downloads that complement your maths magic journey.

The videos are excellent and provide additional help to understand the maths magic tricks.

Much of the maths magic is explained with short and easy to follow write ups. Many being on a single page or a few at most with some illustrated to support. So easy, anyone will be able to perform many of these maths magic principles/effects almost instantly.

The difficulty ranges from simple calculations to those requiring a little more thought. Certainly a good workout for the brain for any age.

Examples of some of the maths magic include "Domi-Know", getting a participant to choose a secret random domino from a box whereby you calculate and reveal the two numbers on that domino. Equally, "Sheepish" relies on story telling and presentation of maths magic. Very clever and it will amaze others.

While working through the book, my daughter (who is age 11) also tried out some of the maths magic with me. She particularly enjoyed the simplicity of the effects and was able to quickly work through small maths magic with the family. Certainly she is going to recommend the book to her friends.

I set her the challenge of selecting two maths magic tricks to show me, as I was keen to discover how she would get on. She selected “Wowzers” and “Coined” and we had fun following the instructions for these two tricks. ”Wowzers” allows the prediction of a number and “Coined” determines which hand a penny is held by a spectator.

For my part, as someone who has always had an interest in training and learning, I appreciate the value that this book could have for use in teaching not only magic, but maths. A handy tool for teachers and parents to engage children by making maths magic fun.

I know that this book is already proving hugely popular with many copies sold via Neo Magic. I also understand that it is launching on Amazon in future due to demand.

A well thought out book, which is easy to read and encourages development of maths and magic in a fun and entertaining way. "Mind The Maths Magic" is a highly recommended purchase, particularly for children. Would also make a great stock filler with Christmas approaching!

You can order your copy at Neo Magic. Free shipping for anywhere in the world.

Thank you to Neo Magic/Vinny Sagoo for supplying Magic Seats with review copies.


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