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Beginners Course In Conjuring

A beginners course in magic with Oliver Garwood. Running over 4 consecutive weeks on Thursday’s from the 4th of February for four weeks. Each session is from 1930 GMT lasting 90 minutes per workshop.

Ticket price for the full course is £43.71. Available on eventbrite here.

Full details about the course contents below.

Join professional magician, Oliver Garwood, on zoom for a beginner’s course in the conjuring arts.

This Course Will Run over Four Thursday evenings - the 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th of February from 7:30-9pm. Ticket price is for the full course Join professional magician, Oliver Garwood, for a beginner’s course in the conjuring arts. Learn the secrets of prestidigitation and legerdemain. No need to buy expensive magic props, everything you need is probably already in a draw at home! Over four 90-minute sessions Oliver will teach you sleight of hand and presentation along with a bit of magical history and probably a story or two, or three. Effects taught will include card tricks, coin vanishing and penetration, rubber band magic and the famous cups & balls trick! If you have ever wanted to be able to amaze and amuse your friends then this is the course for you, or even if you don’t want to do that want to know how the tricks are done then this is still the course for you. Week One – Card Magic Types of cards – poker/bridge Holding and shuffling Injog/ False Shuffles (card controls)/ Breaks/ Double Lift/ False cut Simple routine – card between jokers Forcing – slip force, cross cut (time delay) Reveals and making a routine (narrative) – ‘moment of magic’ Ambitious card – injog card add, false shuffle, double lift, card in centre final reveal. Alternatives to cards – business cards, slices of cheese? Week Two - Impromptu Magic Betcha’s – fun games to win drinks! 3 glasses, impossible knot Hunters knot – false knot then routine. Coin vanish – French drop, retention vanish Palming coins – classic, finger, Ramsay Subtlety Pen vanish Pen & Coin routine Jumping Rubber Band Week Three – Parlour Magic Cups & Balls – history, performance, discussion on cups and ball choices Paddle Move – knife and dry wipe marker Grandma’s Necklace – shoe laces and handkerchief Week Four – Balls and Mentalism Tissue Paper ball vanish, multiply, ten step routine. One Ahead Mind Reading Routine Coin Stack Prediction – multiple out Equipment Required Pack of Cards 3 cups Tin foil Coins – I will advise on the preceding week what coins and sizes etc. Handkerchief Pen and notebook Rubber band Knife (not sharp!) – butter knife if possible Shoelaces (pair of, long as possible) Cotton thread Tissues Viktor Wynd met Oliver a few years ago when he took some lessons and found them wonderful. Oliver Garwood has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years. From managing entertainment in hotels and holiday centres across the UK and abroad he has performed for thousands of enthralled audiences, Oliver was also resident magician at a dedicated magic museum. Oliver has been a keen magician since the age of 8 when received a Paul Daniel’s Magic Set for Christmas, his work in various areas of entertainment has helped hone this skill which he is sharing with you in this beginner’s course in conjuring



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