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New Cardistry Gallery Page

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I have added a new page to the site to support the Vlog, for those who appreciate collecting cards.

The new page is a gallery page, recording pictures of all my latest decks for your viewing pleasure. As I open decks and record new vlogs, I plan to add pictures of not only the tuck boxes but some of the actual cards in the gallery. View.

Additional information is also available when you hover over the images. I will add to the gallery page as I buy more cards. To date, I have added cards from all the decks reviewed for the Vlog. The vlog page is now also available via YouTube and I have set up a new channel for MagicSeats. Vlogs can also be accessed as usual via the sites Vlog page.

Vlog reviews uploaded so far are:

El Toro Vlog 5

Derren Brown Vlog 4

Future reviews Vlog 3

Star Wars light and dark side Vlog 2

NPH - Neil Patrick Harris Vlog 1

Latest decks purchased that I intend to review over the coming weeks for the Vlog and gallery are below. Some of the below feature in a preview during Vlog 3:

Bicycle Architectural

Grid series 3

Grid series 2

v2 Bicycle Rider Back: Metalluxe Blue

NOC Original Red playing cards

Bicycle Arch Angels

Bicycle Amplified

Bicycle Autobike

Bicycle Chainless

Bicycle Black Tiger

Bicycle Chroma


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