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Day 2 (Sat 18-Feb) BMC Gallery

Sorry that this post is later than planned. The mobile and even Wi-Fi is not that great in Blackpool currently - at least for blogging with content. I guess some 5000 or so magicians are putting extra strain on the networks in this area.

I tried posting a few times and experienced technical difficulties throughout the day.

Loads of people again today that I was able to catch up with and or meet for first time.

Opportunities to thank some who have contributed with content for this site such as Jay & Joss, Elliot Bibby, Richard Jones and Richard Cadell.

This is a quick post but I will update with more details soon about day 2 adventures early tomorrow.

Thanks to all those who I had photos with me today - Jay & Joss, Tom Brace, Aaron Crow, Richard Jones, Elliot Bibby, Natalia Love, Billy Kidd, Amanda Nepo and Fay Presto.

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