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Fay Presto and Friends

SUN 5TH MAY, 6:00 PM


General and VIP tickets available.

The Magic Circle are adverting the following:

Join us at The Magic Circle for a truly astonishing special event. The legend that is Fay Presto will be inviting a select group of her friends along for a night like no other. Discover the magic of our fascinating headquarters, be enchanted by performers throughout the building and witness a truly spectacular show – all with that special bit of sparkle and pizazz that only Fay can bring to the occasion!

Fay Presto is considered a pioneer of close-up table magic amongst her peers – and many of today’s working performers owe much of their careers to her guidance and mentorship.

As John Lenahan put it “if you’re in a restaurant and a magician approaches your table, you’d better hope it’s Fay Presto. She’s the best there is’.

Visit The Magic Circle here to book.


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