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"High Jinx" Tour (Rugby) With Michael Jordan

Updated: Mar 24

The circus was in Rugby, Warwickshire today (Sat 18 Nov) when Michael Jordan visited with his "High Jinx" cast to perform circus tricks and magic.

I previously watched and reviewed a version of the show that took place at the Blackpool Tower Circus in 2022. Those who follow the site will know that I raved about the show and I even voted it the best illusion show in the Magic Seats 2022/23 recognition awards here. My family and I were just amazed by this show. A performance that took place at the show's home, the Blackpool Tower Circus. Therefore, can the touring version be as good?

The Benn Hall in Rugby had a good turn out, with families and mixed ages in the audience. A convenient location for me as I live in Rugby.

With the "High Jinx" truck parked up outside the venue (Benn Hall), I was optimistic that we should see some good magic and illusions, this show being their last public date before their advertised December Christmas shows in Blackpool.

Michael and the cast were on top form with the magic as fast paced as previous shows. The experience is a conveyor belt of illusions. An experienced cast/team who keep the pace fast. I have never seen a show manage so many large illusions in such a slick and quick manner, with the show bringing you some Las Vegas presentation and fun. A very professional touring show.

It has to be said that the illusions are total wow moments and absolutely faultless in presentation. At the end of the show, the audience were keen for lots of encores which were delivered and lapped up.

While I had seen High Jinx before, it did not take away from the experience. I would be happy to keep watching the show every year. And if you do like large scale stage illusions you will be spoilt. Other competing shows may only have a couple of such show pieces and the illusion/effect used for Michael's appearance at the start of the show is fantastic.

The music and dancing enhances the show with the same cast line up that I saw last year. The only change being that the lead assistant was Sophie instead of Tamsyn. Michael was as charismatic as ever with loads of energy, singing, circus and magic tricks.

He is very interactive with the audience, injecting a lot of fun and humour. A likeable persona.

A special mention to the dancers who are really amazing and give the show some "show business" glamour, also acting as assistants and helping to keep everything moving in an efficient manner to make this the best family magic show.

The amazing "High Jinx" dancers/cast
The amazing "High Jinx" dancers/cast

In answer to the earlier question, this touring version of the show is a must see. The show lasting 1 hour 45 mins with a 20 minute interval.

If you want to book to see Michael Jordan, he is performing in Blackpool with the "High Jinx" Christmas Show. Then in 2024, he can be seen in his one man "Magic and Marvels Show".

A brilliant special bonus is that the cast always stay behind to chat and meet anyone who wants see them. This is a really good bonus as not so many artists do this in the post covid era.

On exit, I was able to quickly overhear conversations that indicated that the audience had loved the show with lots of positive feedback. It turned out that I wasn't the only one to have seen them before in Blackpool.

"High Jinx" are still my favourite show to watch and I just cant get enough of the illusions. A must see recommendation.

Please see the social and website booking details below for "High Jinx".

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