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Kids Magic Tricks and Resources

One of the requests that I receive is to publish tricks for kids.

To help, I have been researching the best of the online sites and apps available to bring you a list of some of the free resources online.

The following are available in the google play and Apple App Store:

A very well known site and app is “Marvin’s Magic”. So while a magic shop, they also produce a wide choice of online tutorials to teach magic.

“Magic Tricks for free“ is an excellent app with lots of free tricks to learn with instruction videos. “Magic One: Tricks and Reveals”. Another app to learn magic with some in app purchases. The “akinator“ app for kids is good fun that they will enjoy. A genie app that can guess the character or object you are thinking of after answering a series of questions. The app is free and should keep anyone busy for a while.

A website worth checking out is the Kids Magic Academy by Chris Dugdale. A fantastic resource for kids to learn magic. Lots of videos and regular new videos. Here.

The magic circle also runs a young magicians club in the UK for those between the age of 10 and 18.



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