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MagicFest 2020 - Mini Show Review 3 “Kevin Quantum”

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Magic Seats is bringing you a series of mini reviews this week to coincide with the daily magic shows that are being performed online as part of MagicFest 2020.

MagicFest 2020 is an annual event that is now virtual, using Zoom to entertain audiences over a 5 day period from Wednesday the 16th of December.

Featuring the best Scottish magicians, the shows have been daily with the final performances taking place this weekend.

For the third night of the Festival, we were entertained by BGT 2020 semi finalist Kevin Quantum. This show was called “The Trick That Fooled” and took place at 1900 GMT tonight (18th December).

For a bio on Kevin Quantum, visit his site here.

As Kevin has received much publicity this year because of BGT, I was looking forward to this show to start off the weekend. Though an established performer who I have seen on TV, it was the first time that I had seen Kevin perform a show. He also happens to be one of the organisers of this festival.

Prior to the show, an email with joining instructions arrived in plenty of time. The email included a video to view and props that you needed to have at hand. Great instructions and information to prepare for the show.

While waiting for the show start, an image of Kevin appeared on the screen and then music played with a count down. This video was particularly useful as it managed the audience expectation that interaction would be a key part of the show with direction to practice spreading and cutting cards.

Many audience members in the gallery were familiar, as many had attended all the daily performances so far for MagicFest 2020. Lots of families with children attending and about 55 screens were viewing with about 80 audience members.

The start of the show kicked off with a video montage of highlights of Kevin's career. The audience was pretty psyched to see him perform after most likely noticing him in the audience for the last couple of nights.

My broadband connection was excellent and the bandwidth guaranteed a good front seat for the one hour show.

Kevin has an excellent manner with the audience, very confident and relaxed in approach. Instructions were always clear and the management of the audience was good, putting everyone at ease. All audience members were muted apart from when Kevin invited them to join him.

Many were lucky to be chosen to interact and join in with the performance. So while I need to keep the review spoiler-free, what I can say is that Kevin presents a lot of card magic, combined with story telling, some illusions, mentalism and some amazing sleight of hand that he sets to music.

Some of the magic which involved selected audience members was absolutely amazing and mind blowing.

An impressive show and I would definitely would like to see him live. This performance was a highlight of the festival so far, along with the excellent Elliot Bibby.

Cannot wait to see the next set of shows and publish reviews.

If you did not get a chance to see this show, visit Kevin's website here. It features live videos, bio, blog, contact details and more.

Another enjoyable MagicFest 2020 show. Thank you Kevin.



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