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Magician of the Week - DMC

I have chosen DMC to be the Magician of the Week as it allows me to learn more about this artist who I do not know a huge amount about.

I became aware of DMC a couple of years ago when he released a show on Netflix which I did enjoy. I am also aware that DMC has designed his own playing cards. Also, a member of the banking family Coutts.

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Born into the financial dynasty of Coutts & Co., today the private bank to the British royal family, Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC) began life captivated by the paranormal and the mysterious. At the age of eight his father Lord Crispin Latymer took DMC to an old magic store that lies beneath the vaults of Coutts & Co. headquarters in London – where his interest with the art of performance magic truly began.

As a teenager studying at one of the world’s oldest schools, Eton College, that interest soon became an obsession as DMC forsook his academic responsibilities to instead focus upon card magic, mind-reading, spoon-bending and the intense study of magic’s elaborate history.

Upon graduating, DMC first attempted to follow the family profession with internships at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, but soon ran away to India where he resolved to dedicate his life to magic. From India he travelled to study alongside professional card cheats in Bangkok, met with mystics in the Far East and witchdoctors in Africa before then returning to London to qualify as a casino croupier. Simultaneously developing his own professional career as a magician, DMC’s audiences had soon included royal families, sultans, sheikhs, presidents and prime ministers right around the world.

Running parallel to these personal performances, DMC also travelled widely to make his own amateur short films for YouTube – crafting a unique approach that sought to use magic not only as a means of entertainment, but also as a means of storytelling. In 2013 DMC was commissioned by National Geographic to make his debut television special CARD SHARK, which proved a global success and lead in 2015 to a seven-part series with the network, BEYOND MAGIC WITH DMC.

In 2017 DMC signed with Netflix to create DEATH BY MAGIC, an eight-part series for the network and one of the largest shows of its kind ever produced. The series sees DMC on a journey across four continents to uncover the stories of magicians who died performing the most dangerous stunts ever attempted. Sharing beautiful magic with those that he meets along the way, each episode culminates with DMC attempting his own epic-scale interpretation of those deadly stunts, in front of terrified live audiences. DEATH BY MAGIC launches worldwide on 30th November 2018.

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Not aware of an official Twitter account.


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