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Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png

My Signed Playing Cards Collection

Updated: Oct 11

Around 2020 I started collecting autographs, signed posters, pictures and magic signed items.

I read a really interesting book around the same time about gaining signed playing cards called "Playing cards Autographed By Magicians". An excellent book that I would recommend which documents the signed playing card collection of Michael E Johnson. Though quite focused on US magicians. I purchased on Amazon as it documents a lot of supporting inforation about collecting.

While I have a couple of hundred signed autographs in total, about 41 are on playing cards. When going to magic shows and conventions, I try to get cards signed. As I like to take selfies as well, I am not always able to get a signed card at the same time. Generally speaking, I go for a selfie on first meeting and then a signed card if/when I see them again.

Looking at my signed playing cards collection, most of these I have gained in person. A couple are from eBay but 95% I have gained when chatting to the artist and meeting them.

To keep the cards looking good, I use a presentation wallet for playing cards to help keep them pristine. I use the VaultX brand that you can purchase on Amazon which are of good quality. Always reasonable to buy and quickly delivered.

I always catalogue the signed playing cards and write up a little about how I acquired and gained the card within the collectables section on this website. Feel free to view here for extra details. In the meantime, here are the cards themselves.

A big thanks to all the artists that have signed playing cards. Some really good artists here.

And if you are a magician and you do not feature, I would love to have a signed playing card from you!

Pic 1: Peter Nardi, Gillian, Harry Nardi and Natalia Love

Pic 2: Adam Heppenstall, Megan Swann, Jamie Allan and Paul Williams

Pic 3: Joel M, Elizabeth, Tom Elderfield, Michael Jordan and Tamsyn Jordan

Pic 4: Dave Bonsai, John Archer, Russ Brown and Tom Brace

Pic 5: Katherine Rhodes, Magical Bones, Brendan Rodrigues and Fay Presto

Pic 6: Thomas Dixon, Adam Edgeley, Pete Whitmore and Scot Jerram

Pic 7: Shae Gathercole, Liam Keily, John Constantine and David Leeson

Pic 8: Paul Furlong, David Minton, Ian Gamage and Ben Hart

Pic 9: Betty Davenport, Elliot Bibby, Kovari and Luke Baker

Pic 10: John Conway (Bus card), Edward Hilsum, Ash Marlow, and Chris Dugdale

Pic 11: Laura London, Lewis Fuller, Dynamo and Craig Petty

Pic 12: Lee Hathaway

For the history of how I acquired each signed playing card, feel free to view here for extra details.

If you have any questions about the collection, please feel free to message or comment.


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