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My Week In Magic - Update 22

I started the week by booking and paying for a couple of pro Lectures with the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). Some good lectures lined up this year and I know that they are lining up more. For anyone with a genuine interest in magic and to see the events planned, take a look here on their FaceBook page.

Most events and workshops are free as part of your annual membership. You just pay a small reduced ticket price for some pro lectures if you are a member. And if your not a member, you can always pay to attend pro-lectures. This weeks free workshop about palming took place on Wednesday. A well planned session with a good attendance. Very enjoyable as usual.

Work on the website continued this week with some time spent on some future interviews and even a book review that I am working on. Exciting plans and opportunities for the site and I hope to share more details soon.

I also continued preparations to launch my new collectables pages which I have finally finished and I am just carrying out the task of editing and promoting now.

Looking forward to sharing the content from this Friday the 29th of January. Those who have seen an early preview of the pages to help check things over have been complimentary.

For those who subscribe to the site, I have also sent details by email with a preview link to the new content. If you haven’t already subscribed, do so at the bottom of this page.

Yesterday (Saturday 23rd) I then worked on some new promo ads and blog posts to promote the forthcoming content. Exciting!

Collectables wise. My Darcy Oake poster finally arrived. Looks good but is massive. Was expecting an A3 size and is actually slightly larger than what would be A2. Very nice though and looks good. Will need to source a frame for it as currently in a tube for storage so it is protected.

I am just waiting for the Darcy Oake book that ordered to arrive next. I have also been bidding on some signed collectables on eBay. Will tell you more if and when I win any of the items. After all, I don’t want to create competition for the bidding of some of the items by telling you in advance. Lol.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Martin



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