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My Week In Magic - Update 84 - Magical Bones

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

On Friday I was able to get out and watch Magical Bones perform at the Castle Theatre in Wellingborough. His “Black Magic show”.

A fantastic small capacity studio theatre that holds about 70 audience members. I was in the front row and had the most fantastic view of the show up close.

Most of the theatres for this tour are much larger, so this was a bonus to see the show in a small venue.

Originally this show was due to take place a couple of years ago and was rescheduled.

Like most, I had of course seen Bones on TV a lot. I have also been lucky enough to review a private virtual show with him a couple of years ago, which was excellent.

As a performer, Bones is unique to watch live. Combining his love of magic and hip hop. Enthusing lots of dance performance, which was amazing to watch and enhances the show.

As a stage show, Bones was also joined by an assistant/dancer.

While I have seen some of the effects before, Bones would put his own spin on his performance. I also saw a few things that were unique, combining stage illusions with props along with some card magic.

The show was supported with good sound and video. A camera was also used for close ups when required with video displayed on a large screen.

A very enjoyable show with a great audience. Lots of opportunities existed for audience members to get involved and Bones was good to get children involved as well as the adults. He made one young boys night by calling him on stage for a cube routine.

It was also interesting that while a mix of age groups, many of the audience were older and forty plus. Quite a few true magic fans who regularly view magic were also in the audience. You could hear them discussing other magicians and shows that they had attended.

Bones is a great showman and “Black Magic” is recommended viewing. If you get a chance to see any of the remaining shows, buy tickets.

At the end of the show, Bones held back to meet the audience. Taking selfies, having a chat and signing autographs. A special end to the evening.

As well as my selfie, I was able to get a signed playing card. Another good addition to my collection which must have about 80 magician signatures now!

Thanks for the great show Magical Bones! A fantastic evening for any Bones and magic fan. I will definitely be wanting to see Bones perform live again in future.

Have a good weekend.




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