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My Week In Magic - Update 88 - BGT

As BGT has now been back for a few weeks, it seems a good time to review the magic related acts from the first four episodes. An opportunity to catch up and also watch the performances that you may have missed.

This particularly series has been hyped up for the fact that quite a few magicians are due to appear. I know of at least one that I am waiting to still see an appearance from in a future episode. Looking forward to that!

The first weekend of the shows return was Easter and two episodes were broadcast.

In the first show on the Saturday, “Matricks Illusion“ featured. A busy stage magic act who tour holiday camps and perform on cruises. A brother and sister act who are already extremely successful and are doing well professionally. For those who like large stage illusions, this is for you.

I really enjoyed watching "Matricks Illusion”and they are possibly my favourite magic act of this series so far.

The second Sunday episode featured "The Phantom". An unknown magical act who teased the BGT judges and audiences. This act certainly gained a lot of attention in the press. Amanda also gave a helping hand. It was interesting to watch and we will see where this goes. Who is it? Are they already an established act? More of a teaser performance of what is to come. Interesting.

Last weekend, another act that caused some controversy in the third episode was Andrew Basso with his Houdini water torture escape act. I enjoyed this performance and I recently had the opportunity to watch a similar escape live as part of “The Champions Of Magic” show.

For some reason the press made claims that the act was a fix. Obviously a dangerous act and of course it has to be presented with drama and tension. Must have been amazing for audience members to witness live.

In the same episode, I will also mention Jamie Leahey featured with his ventriloquism act “Chuck the chicken”. An enjoyable performance. Funny.

Last night, magic featured again with Topas the magician also appearing briefly. A comedy magician who I think is from Germany that was quite unique. I enjoyed it and thought it was different. A foam machine making dancers appear. Different.

Also “The Witch” was quite interesting. I enjoyed this one more than “The Phantom”. A performance that I am sure will scare some! Very clever and again, setting the scene for more to come. Who is it?

After a break from BGT last year, it is good to see it back on TV with quite a few magicians flying the flag.

Will a magician win this year? Too early to tell but either way, I am sure that we will see magicians in this years final.

Welcome back BGT.

Have a good weekend.




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