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My Week In Magic - Update 9

My passion for magic continues to grow. As a hobbyist who is into cardistry and running this website, I do wish to start learning magic as a beginner. My approach has always been to start by attempting to gain proficiency in card handling first. However, I need to start reading more articles about magic and getting to know like minded people.

During the week, I applied and I was accepted into the Leicester Magicians Network. This is really exciting with regu Zoom meetings planned and the opportunity to speak with magicians. Hopefully part of my journey to become a beginner.

The network has a FaceBook page for anyone interested and a website. To join, it is a simple application form.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be joining a zoom social with the other members and a forthcoming lecture with Wayne Goodman.

During the week I was able to attend another online show that I reviewed last Sunday. Magician Christopher Howell organised 10 shows for the Breathe Magic programme. Until I saw this show advertised, I was not aware of this programme and how magic can help children who suffer with hemiplegia. A remarkable show that raises money for the charity and was written by Christopher. He is also conducting a lot of shows and I am sure he will meet his fundraising target.

As far as my cardistry is concerned, I have been using a trainer deck to practice with while I attend Zoom meetings. I’m not sure of all the benefits yet of using such a deck instead of a normal deck of cards but should discover as I practice. While good to practice shuffling, maybe restrictive otherwise and I will be looking for some future guidance here. However, at least no chance of cards going everywhere.

Book wise, I am continuing to read the Chris Cross - “ The Geordie Book of Magic”.


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