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Interview with Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic)

Updated: Mar 28

Vinny Sagoo is not only a magician, but a creator of magic effects, running his own successful magic shop - Neo Magic - since March 2018.

Producing quality and unique magic effects that are used and cherished by magicians all around the world.

After 15 years as a lawyer, he decided to shred the law books and focus on entertaining. Learning his first trick when he was just 8 years old, and since then, creating many tricks.

In this interview, we talk about his love of magic and his success as a magician and creator of effects; how he goes about creating effects/books and what plans he has for the future.

Thank you to Vinny for joining us for a chat today.

Vinny Sagoo

Magic Seats: I understand that you have created over 300 effects over the years. That’s crazy! Which effect(s) are you most proud of creating?

Vinny: Yes, in my lifetime I have created over 300 effects, however, only about 10-15% actually make it to the production line. When you ask me to pick a favourite trick, it’s like someone asking you to pick your favourite child. It’s so difficult, as each trick represents a different time in my life and a reason why I invented it. Like my book test Mystify that was as a result of a big car accident. The final pieces of Word-Up came to me during a flight back from Scotland and took around 3 years to create. I think for ease and simplicity, Colourful Kings and Bucket List are top of my list.

Magic Seats: I've been practicing Bucket List and love that effect.

What makes you standout from the competition in the creator/retail space for magic. What is different about Neo Magic?

Vinny: Well, a few things really. I wanted to create magic that was Easy, Simple and Powerful. This is my ESP manta that I use when creating all of my effects. I also wanted to open up my magic to the whole world, without fear of inordinate shipping charges, so I cover the costs no matter what you order and where you live in the world. I have also been praised by many magicians for providing a colour instruction booklet with photos to compliment the online video explanation. If that’s not enough, I take great pride in every order/customer and ensure that I send them a hand written note saying thanks. All of these elements, along with great customer service and quality, makes me stand out from the crowd.

Magic Seats: Certainly the packaging, presentation and quality of the products is impressive.

As a magic creator, how do you develop your ideas/effects? Do you set development time aside in a structured way or do you just wait for ideas to come more naturally.

Vinny: Honestly, I get most of my ideas in the shower! I think it’s probably due to the fact that I have no electronic distractions. I also like to read books, not necessarily about magic, and by painting. Ideas come and go, but when you are trying to force something, it doesn’t happen.

Magic Seats: Sounds like a fairly natural process for you.

Neo Magic offers a massive range of effects. Which products are your most popular?

Vinny: Without a doubt, Mystify, which is a book test is my best seller. It’s been featured in all of the magic magazines, social media and also TV. Other tricks like Colourful Kings, Attraction and Word-Up also do well.

Magic Seats: I thought you might say Mystify. I own that one and find it really easy to perform. I know that it is really popular!

Do you ever get commissioned or work with other magicians, publishing their work?

Vinny: I have been approached by numerous magicians asking if they can release magic through Neo Magic. Unfortunately, I have declined the offers, not because the effect was bad, but simply to prevent diluting the brand. At present, I only sell effects that I have created myself, so that if the trick is a flop, I am only accountable to myself. There are plenty of companies that will buy your trick/idea, so I respectfully direct them to the other companies. I have also received interest from a couple of people that wanted to buy into the business. Again, I declined their offer, but it’s nice to think that people value my magic in that way and want a slice of the action.

Magic Seats: Absolutely. You have a very recognisable brand within the industry. Describe a typical day working as Director of Neo Magic?

Vinny: Well, I am quite an early bird, so normally get up at 6am. After copious amounts of coffee, I get to work on my emails, to-do-list and other tasks the wife has kindly asked me to do. At lunchtime, I receive the post with prototypes, printing and other magic related goodies. I work through these in the afternoon along with posting on social media and watching Family Guy. In the evening, I normally cook up a storm before watching a film and then making a to-do-list for the following day. When you are at the helm, it means that you never really stop working, even at the weekends.

Magic Seats: I know that you also keep busy with your lectures and performing your sets to audiences. Do you have any favourite effects/routines that you always like to perform?

Vinny: I love doing effects that combine magic and mentalism. That is why I created Word-Up, which can be carried in your wallet as it’s made from PVC plastic and will last a million years. I also like to play the underdog and get things wrong, which makes the audience endear to you more. It takes away that preconception that I’m the magician, look at what I can do, I am awesome and better than you. Bucket List is a perfect example where it goes wrong at the end and then you show the audience that it all matches perfectly. Remember, people will forget what you said, what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel… cue the cheese sandwich!

Magic Seats: So which magician would you never forget because of how they made you feel when they performed?

Vinny: David Stone, a French Magician. He embodies skill, wit and charisma. I remember watching his basic coin magic DVD years ago and just thinking, OMG! I have met David a few times and follow all his posts on social media.

Magic Seats: What’s next. Any new products that you can tell us about that are on the horizon?

Vinny: At present, I am working on my new book called New Horizons, which is the third in the series complimenting Sky’s The Limit and Beyond Limits. I am also working on three new mentalism pieces that are all very different and to keep updated, you’ll need to subscribe to my mailing list… shameless plug 😊

Magic Seats: Vinny - thank you very much for your time today. A great chat and very interesting. Good luck with your future products!

To learn more about Vinny and Neo Magic, visit his sites:


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