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Review of Ben Hart - 2 Metre Magic Online Show

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

While I knew that Ben Hart was performing socially distanced shows this year, I did not know that he was streaming some of the shows live. A lot of the advertising focused on the social distanced live theatre show rather than the available stream.

When I discovered that one of the live performances was also streaming, I bought a ticket straight away. While I am used to interactive Zoom magic, this show was a live stream only via the site Fane. Streamed live on the evening of Friday the 16th Oct from The Crazy Coqs theatre in central London.

Ticket price was reasonable and in purchasing a ticket, I was encouraged to sign up to the Fane website with emails received prior to the show.

I had not used the Fane website before. Quality of the actual stream was excellent with good picture quality. I streamed the show on a Samsung TV so I was able to watch comfortably. I wasn’t a fan of the Fane website user interface if I’m honest. It did not feel intuitive to find your purchases and I had to search for the artist name to view the show rather then go into an account/purchases area. However, it may be partly related to being a first time user, but it did not spoil the actual show.

The show itself was an hour in length with multi camera angles and close ups with good lighting. Ben was well rehearsed and appeared to be enjoying performing live.

My reviews are always spoiler free. Attempting to give a general flavour without giving anything away, some of the tricks were older classics with props, that you do not see performed often. Ben also performed plenty of card magic and effects with metal.

The show was packed with tricks and was fast paced in the most part. Those who were in the audience were lucky to witness such a close up show and witness Ben perform live.

If you get a chance to attend one of the 2 metre magic shows or watch a stream, you need to do it!

I have tickets to see Ben‘s theatre tour next year and I hope it will go ahead. In the meantime, it has to be recommended that any fans of magic or Ben Hart attempt to watch this show.


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