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Review Of Lxke Trix "Zoom Extravaganza" Show - Spoiler Free

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

LXKE TRIX aka Luke Baker is always extremely active as an artist, even during these difficult times. He regularly organise's Zoom show’s, live shows and he is even currently opening his own bricks and mortar magic shop in Brighton in March. A multi talented performer.

The show that I attended for review purposes was called the "Zoom Extravaganza" which was initially for one night only. However, more dates will follow (13th March).

The show is a one man magic and mind reading show. Advertised as a show that will demonstrate Lxke‘s attempt to read minds, perform jaw dropping magic feats and even try a stunt that so many magicians fear to perform!

Certainly, he had me curious! Sounded like the show could be different from the normal Zoom gigs. The show was even live streamed from Birmingham's iconic venue The Hare & Hounds. A full theatrical event that was streamed live on Friday the 26th of February at 2000 GMT.

Tickets were sold in advance on TicketSource at a reasonable cost per ticket. An email arrived in plenty of time with joining instructions and advice about muting unless invited to speak. Everyone was encouraged to sign into Zoom five minutes early.

About 17 screens were viewing the show with 20+ audience members at peak. A mixed audience with adults and some children watching in family groups. A nice number in attendance which makes it more intimate, and it was of course a family show.

The show started with an impressive video montage and welcome by Lxke Trix before cutting to him ready to perform on stage.

Throughout the show, Lxke worked his way through about 10 tricks/effects. The audience were regularly involved and had opportunities to participate. Mainly card magic, mentalism and some of his favourites using traditional props such as silks etc.

Much of the magic performed relied on established routines that are recognisable, especially to older audiences. However, it was good to see Lxke doing his own thing. Many artists tend to perform what is trendy or considered to be a current popular effect, this can get boring if everyone is doing the same thing. Rubiks magic is a good example of something everyone is performing and can get a bit samey. Lxke avoided those pitfalls and put together an interesting set.

As a spoiler free review, all I can say is that the show finishes with a dangerous stunt. Quite risky and glad it went well! A recognisable stunt but one that Lxke puts his own spin on and actually makes even more dangerous.

Lxke is quite descriptive and talks a lot to the camera, narrating as he performs. A show with many highlights. Lxke is used to theatre work and like all artists in this profession currently, the challenge is learning to work Zoom magic shows. It is difficult as you of course don't have that live audience with you but you have to adapt.

The camera work improved as the show progressed. Some of the performance left you hoping that the camera would zoom in a bit more or quicker. The show would have also benefitted from some overhead/over the shoulder camera work for some of the performance.

Technically, everything went well. Stable broadband connection and no loss of picture. Some sound issues which the team quickly addressed, with Lxke not always able to hear audience members. However his team used text and relayed back audience members choices to Lxke so he knew what had been said. A good example of where an issue was quickly addressed and corrected.

When closing the show, Lxke advised all that he has another show taking place on Saturday the 13th of March - bookable here. He will also be touring during the Summer.

An ambitious show that was enjoyable. A success that if repeated from a theatre again, I am sure will continue to get better and better.

Not many artists are performing live from theatres via Zoom as it presents many challenges. It is a difficult medium and potentially many things could go wrong. Lxke is adapting and making the changes to help lead the way.

Full credit to Lxke and the team for putting on this show. You could tell that Lxke was enjoying himself and it came across well that he loves to perform. Check out TicketSource for his upcoming online shows.


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