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Mini Review of MAGIC FOR HUMANS (at HALLOWEEN) with Justin Willman (Spoiler-Free)

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

For those of you who watch the Netflix Magic show “Magic for Humans” with Justin Willman, he has organised a few online shows recently. He is now advertising a special Halloween show with new tricks. A few shows have been advertised so far which includes some UK/European friendly timings.

The ticket cost remained reasonable for these new shows and bookings are available on eventbrite.

While this is advertised as a different show, I previously had reviewed one of Justin’s recent online shows and I was impressed. Previous review here. Hence this is just a mini review.

The show I attended was advertised for the 31st of October with further shows available at the time of writing. Please refer to eventbrite to get your local showtime.

The show theme this time was, of course, Halloween. A complete new show and was very entertaining.

Audience management was excellent and the use of the technology supporting the show was also good. Prior to the show starting, the doors opened 20 minutes before. Many adults and children in the audience were in fancy dress.

A family show, mainly aimed at children, with prizes for the best costumes. Signed poster of Justin.

This particular show proved popular with over 520 screens joining the show which lasted about 60 minutes.

While I did not see anything new magic wise on this occasion, it’s objective to create Halloween fun for families was achieved. For anyone looking for family entertainment for Halloween, this could be an option.

For those wanting to see the usual “Magic for Humans” show, new dates are being announced to tie in with the US Thanksgiving holiday.

An enjoyable show, ideal for children which could form part of a child’s party celebrating Halloween.

Thanks Justin.


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