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Review of New Magic & Mentalism Show “Magic In Mind"

Updated: Apr 14

A new magic show debuted this week at the Oadby Royal British Legion, for Leicester and the surrounding area. Magicians "Magic Inc." presented "Magic in Mind".

Magic inc features Ian Gamage, Pete Whitmore and David Leeson, all members of the prestigious Magic Circle, who deliver an eclectic mix of comedy magic and mind-blowing mentalism. The show also features live music from musician George Russell.

This is a Magic Seats spoiler free review of this new show "Magic in Mind".

Magic Inc
George Russell

Cabaret and parlour magician Ian Gamage (AKA 'The Acceptable Face of Deception") acted as MC for the night, welcoming the audience. He also performed his unique comedy magic at the beginning of the show which ranged from mentalism to card and rope magic. His routine with a cup and ball being particularly memorable and fun.

Being at the front of the venue, I was called as part of the audience to help Ian perform an amazing feat. Interaction being a huge part of the show, many audience members were given the opportunity to participate.

Following Ian, Pete Whitmore performed his mentalism act. Wowing the audience with his abilities while using cards, dice and mind reading. Many "How does he do that?" - moments.

Pete worked regularly within the audience, making sure that even those at the back were involved. While I have seen Pete perform and MC, I had not seen his mentalism act before and it did not disappoint. Let's just say that Pete takes you on quite a journey, adding a narration to his set while performing, talking you through the mystery of his performance while blended with some learning of phychology.

During the interval, live music performed by George Russell entertained all. A talented singer and musician who worked through hits by The Beatles through to closing with some Neil Diamond.

Last to the stage we were introduced to David Leeson who performed his comedy magic. A highlight being a wonderful choice of an audience member who helped bring extra laughter to the show when following instructions during a routine.

David effortlessly was able to change pace from comedy to drama, performing quite the dangerous stunt with a nail biting soundtrack which thrilled the audience.

The evening closing with a curtain call of all performers gaining a rapturous applause.

The show lasted approx 1hr 45 mins. Each magician appearing on stage for about 25 minutes each.

The audience was mainly comprised of adults but in my opinion it was a show suitable for all the family. The younger audience members did enjoy.

While I have seen a lot of magic as a reviewer, my sister also attended and she has not see much live magic since childhood. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and was able to select many favourite parts of the show. The mentalism used by all the performers had her particularly puzzled!

Ian told Magic Seats after the show, "We are thrilled to have performed 'Magic in Mind' in Leicester at the Oadby Royal British Legion. We've worked really hard to incorporate the widest possible range of magic into the show, guaranteeing that you'll laugh and be amazed in equal measure".

Bookings for Magic Inc can be arranged via Ian Gamage. All artists are also available for individual bookings. Details lower down.

Special mention also to the team at the Oadby Royal British Legion Club. A spacious venue with great facilities, parking and a decent stage. Members and non members are welcome to purchase tickets for future events/shows by checking the venues "Ticket Source" page. Entry on door is also possible if not sold out in advance.

Thanks to the venue who made us feel very welcome and the performers for this amazing show.

To book "Magic Inc" or any of the performers, please see their details below. Venue info also listed.

End of show curtain call

To book "Magic Inc" and their "Magic in Mind" show:

Please contact Ian Gamage for "Magic Inc" bookings and enquiries. The artists websites detail available services and all are available to be booked directly for solo events.

To book the acts:

Ian Gamage - Magician

David Leeson - Magician

Pete Whitmore - Magic and Mentalism

George Russell - Musician

To enquire about shows at the venue Oadby Royal British Legion FaceBook


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