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Review Of Richard Jones Virtual Magic Show - April 2021 (Spoiler-Free)

Updated: Apr 11

Richard Jones is back with a brand new online public show for 2021!

The show took place on Saturday the 10th of April at 1900 and it was approximately 45 minutes long. It was a totally new set as he wanted to present fresh material for those who have joined previous public performances.

On the day of the show, a lot of excited audience members waited for the show to start. Though eventbrite emails you regularly with joining details, Richard also posted instructions on FaceBook for everyone to follow. At peak, 75 screens were logged in to watch and approximately 150 audience members viewing if not a bit more. Cost is per screen so you could in theory have a whole family watching. Good value for an online show by an established Magic Circle and BGT winner of 2016.

While waiting for the show to start, the audience was greeted with a count down and a good playlist of songs to put you in the mood.

The show audience attracted a wide range of ages from children to adults, some also joined internationally. A sold out show.

Once the show started, a video montage played. All were pleased to see Richard and the show was very interactive. As usual, he got a great response and he had a lot of his regular followers in attendance who he is familiar with.

Richard attempted to chat with as many audience members as possible. For those wanting to interact and participate, you were encouraged to to have your camera on so that he knows that you are up for joining in. Most parts of the show included audience interaction.

My wife and I were lucky enough to get involved with making decisions during a card routine with very atmospheric lighting, set and music. An enjoyable moment for both of us and a great routine. Richard was quite experimental in this show, taking a fresh approach to some of his presentation with great success.

The entire show was enhanced with video, graphics and lots of music. Effects performed ranged from card magic, mentalism and lots of different props used for some routines.

As always, I wish I could tell you more but it is important that reviews and the supporting photos are kept spoiler free.

Richard has obviously put in a lot of effort into preparing all aspects of this show. I know he spent a considerable amount of time rehearsing the new material.

When performing a quite famous routine, Richard put his own unique spin on the routine which kept it fresh and he created WOW moments that you were not expecting - how did he do that? Very impressive.

Narration and story telling remained an important part of Richard's performance as always. He is always descriptive and related well to his audience, telling stories.

Richard also likes giveaways and a lucky audience member won some excellent prizes.

It should also be noted that Richard has also revamped his studio and the technology that he uses in recent months, so the quality of the live stream on Zoom is very good. His studio is also impressive and it gives him plenty of space to perform. It should also be noted that Richard is not only performing but operating his multiple cameras and controlling the sound and videos throughout the show. A brilliant setup which delivers the best quality production.

In summary, an excellent show from an established name in magic. Very enjoyable and fun at a reasonable cost. Lots of new material and loads of interaction with the audience. If you missed this show and have an interest in magic, you need to book as and when any future public shows are announced.

If you would like to know more about Richard Jones, check out his Facebook page as I am aware that more shows are likely to follow. His page is always the best place to get his latest news along with his live FaceBook streams. I of course also publish dates of Richard's shows in the blog once announced.

Service wise, Richard is also available for corporate shows and private bookings. He also has a 2021 and 2022 live tour and the dates are listed after the gallery of pictures below.

It should be noted that for any collectors of magic, Richard does sell merchandise that includes signed posters in his store, along with magic sets and other items. The magic sets are also currently being sold as signed, ideal for any collector.


Magic Academy Shop





Some venues are yet to make the tickets live on their websites. In this instance please call the Box Office.

2021 BRISTOL – REDGRAVE THEATRE – October 4th – 0117 3157 602 CHESTERFIELD – THE POMEGRANATE THEATRE – October 14th – 01246 345 222 PETERBOROUGH – VIVACITY’S KEY THEATRE – October 19th – 01733 207 239 EASTBOURNE – ROYAL HIPPODROME THEATRE – October 22nd – 01323 802 020 MARKET DRAYTON – FESTIVAL DRAYTON CENTRE – October 29th – 01630 654444

2022 HERTFORDSHIRE – THE RADLETT CENTRE – Feb 1st – 01923 859 291 KETTERING – THE LIGHTHOUSE THEATRE – Feb 6th – 01536 414141 TEWKESBURY – THE ROSES THEATRE – Feb 10th – 01684 295 074 ANDOVER – THE LIGHTS – Feb 15th – 01264 368 368

**These dates are correct at time of writing this article in April 2021. For the most up to date information, please check the Tours section on the Richard Jones website here.**


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