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Site Updates/New Content for the last week

Another busy week for the site.

As well as the daily blog posts, another Vlog was added which opened the El Toro cards. The cardistry gallery was also updated with some pictures of the El Toro cards. This gallery page hasn’t officially been announced yet as I build content on the page, but take a look here.

The most popular blog posts for the week is our Mandy Muden interview posts, which is then followed by the blog post about Cyber Magic Superstar. Take a look at the blog for any missed posts. Huge thanks to Mandy for the interview.

Tour listings and Zoom Magic pages were also updated. These two pages will be updated on a Saturday from now on instead of mid week. New dates for Morgan and West and Michael Jordan were added.

Within the A to Z of Magicians page, I added Sam Powers.

The promo page was also updated with the Cyber Magic Superstar flyer.



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