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Tom Brace - "Connected" Zoom Magic Show Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Tom performed two online Zoom shows today (Sunday 28th June).

The audience was really enthusiastic and excited for the show. Lots of families waving to the music and being highlighted on screen while we waited for Tom.

Despite being a Zoom show, Tom had obviously worked hard on the show content and planning. A video started off the show of Tom out and about before getting into the magic and meeting the audience.

His humour is funny and he engages with his audience well. I don't know how he did it but everyone got a chance to be involved somehow.

The show was really good value and lasted just over an hour. If Tom arranges anymore Zoom shows, I would definitely recommend booking until you can see him live.

Most of the magic was with cards and connecting with the audience, reading minds etc. He worked through approx 8 to 10 tricks in the time. If you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading now.

The two stand out tricks for me had to be when he was able to get the audience to find four of the same cards from a pack of cards. E.g 4 aces from a deck of cards. You were asked to have cards at hand that you could manipulate before the show.

Then at the end, a lady in London chose a word from a book. With assistance from the audience, Tom then rang a random phone number comprising of digits made up by the audience.

After a voicemail and a call being cut off, Tom and the audience finally got through to a gent who would chat. No idea how Tom did it but with instruction to the gent and clicking his fingers, he was able to get the chap to say the selected word from the book. Really amazing end to the Zoom show. Think Tom was also under pressure as you only get so long on Zoom performance time wise.

The use of technology for this particular Zoom show was really good and the best for presentation. Don’t under estimate the fact that this was presented from a front room, all was well planned and professional.

I also need to say, everyone got a bargain really. The price of the Zoom ticket was so cheap, many had about 5 or 6 family and fiends around the camera.

Another successful Zoom show and different again. It‘s great the way magicians like Tom are stamping their own unique identity and style when using Zoom.

If you get a chance, and want to book to see Tom, take a look at his website which lists all his services.


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