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Deal or No Deal with Stephen Mulhern

Magician and TV presenter Stephen Mulhern has taken over the reigns of the tv quiz show.

Originally on channel 4 with Noel Edmond's, the show is now on ITV/ITVX after a rest since 2016.

Earlier this year it was announced that the show would return, running weekdays at 4pm.

I Have at the time of writing watched the first four shows. What a good choice of presenter having Stephen run the show.

While you can of course watch live or record on ITV, I use the ITVX player as I subscribe to premium and can watch ad free.

Prize wise, the top prize box is now £100,000. Previously on the old series it was £250,000. The banker is definitely more stingy with the offers as well. But perhaps makes it all the more nail biting. Other than Sian on day 1, luck has not really been on the side of the contestants. A couple of the contestants also playing to reveal their box. Katie and Raj being very brave with their game play.

Stephen is excellent as presenter. If anything, I think he is the natural choice to replace Noel Edmond's. I can't think of anyone else more suitable as he is very popular and will draw an audience. He has already made this his own show.

As time goes on and we get to know the contestants, the show will become even more addictive and we get to know their personalities.

The new set is pretty smart and the format remains the same, other than the prize money.

Welcome back to the show. Definitely worth a watch and I will be continuing to view .

Meeting Stephen at BMC



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