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Echo Dot 5 Deal On Amazon UK

During the Summer I ordered an Exho Dot 5 while on a special offer of £21.99 and wrote up a review here.

Well the good news is that the device is now on a limited time deal again of £21.99 if you move fast.

As the price is so low I actually bought a second one this time around for my office.

The great thing about having two echo dots is that you can pair them. I have paired using the Alexa app and now have two paired speakers on my desk pumping out stereo.

The Alexa app took a little bit of searching to pair the speakers but guidance online helped that I found on Google.

The sound is really good for a system where each speaker only cost me £22. As I also use Apple Music, I can stream music as much as I want while working.

Would definitely recommend buying a second dot for stereo speaker sound.



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