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“The Doctor Will See You Now” UK Tour - Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Okay, I admit it, I am a "Neighbours" fan!

I originally had tickets to attend the "Neighbours Celebration" tour in March this year at Birmingham (UK) but I had to cancel due to catching Covid.

"Neighbours" is such a great TV show and an enjoyable way to relax after working a busy job. A soap that give you drama and humour, with many characters like Dr Karl and Paul Robinson that have been on our TV for years

When I heard that Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl was touring his "The Doctor Will See You Now" show throughout the UK in June and July of 2023, I was intrigued. An opportunity to see Alan perform, sing and chat about Dr Karl and "Neighbours".

I had read really good write ups online about the 2022 tour and thought that this would be a good opportunity to not only see the show, but for a meet and greet with Alan Fletcher (aka Dr Karl Kennedy).

I attended the very last UK show in Wellingborough (5-Jul) of the 25 date tour. Options were then available for standard tickets or meet and greet tickets. Based on feedback from others, I bought the meet and greet ticket as it would be special to meet someone you watch all the time on tv, and of course get a photo and some signed merchandise.

The tickets were e-tickets and on the day, I arrived early at the Castle theatre. A merchandise stand was already up and running with T-Shirts, sweatshirts, pens, mugs, posters and music on sale with the promise that you could get the items signed when you meet Alan.

I bought a mug, pen and poster to get signed. I have to say that the merchandise was reasonably priced and all of Alans's music CD's were available to buy.

Meeting Alan Fletcher

While waiting for the meet and greet, everyone was just so friendly. The theatre staff were chatty and I spoke to some other Alan Fletcher/Neighbours fans. Firstly a lady who I actually ended up seated next to in the theatre and a couple (Gary and Emma) who helped pass the time, talking all things neighbours. Topics like, how do you refer to Alan when speaking to him - is it Alan, Fletch, Fletcher, Dr K, Dr Karl, Dr Kennedy, mate etc. Lol.

On meeting Alan, I have to say he is known for being very accommodating with the fans and is a genuinely nice bloke. Everyone gets a few minutes with him and you can have a chat while he signs your items. He makes all very welcome and he focusses on just you during your time with him.

The theatre team then helps with getting some photos to remember the occasion on your phone. They took about 10 photos for me which all really turned out well. Alan also signed my "The Right Prescription" poster, Dr Karl mug and even a signed playing card as part of my collection. He also signed an "Erinsborough Hospital" pen for my daughter which I kept as a surprise for her birthday. She was so chuffed to receive that surprise gift.

Alan must have easily met about 80 to 100 people prior to the show. A fantastic opportunity for fans who wouldnt normally get this chance. Unfortunately I was unable to get to meet his wife, (Australian author and broadcaster) Jennifer Hansen who participates in the show. Maybe next time!

My favourite signed item has to be the mug and poster. I can also say that the mug is now in my top 2 signed items and I have a lot of autographs and signed items that I have collected. Good memories.

Show wise, as a meet and greet ticket holder, I had really good seats. Third row from the front and near the centre.

My show reviews are always spoiler free. So while this was the last show of the tour, you never know, perhaps it may run again, or at least a revised version. Though realistically, if that happens, it could be a while as Alan is very busy back filming "Neighbours". Roll on September!

End of the show!

Jennifer acts as host and interviews Alan, reflecting on his career and of course "Neighbours" and Dr Karl. A slick and entertaining show with a lot of humour and fun. Alan and Jennifer do of course sing as all round entertainers and Alan sings possibly 4 or 5 times.

The show is interactive with everyone encouraged to get up and join in with the music. There was also an opportunity for Q&A from the audience.

The show started at 1930 prompt as advertised and with an intermission, I think it ran to about 2210 in the evening. As a meet and greet ticket holder, I certainly got my moneys worth and it was a very enjoyable evening experience.

A big thanks to everyone who I met that day and of course a massive thanks to Dr Karl himself and Jennifer.

A thoroughly recommended show if this show tours again.

In the meantime, you have the following social accounts that you can follow:

Alan Fletcher

Jennifer Hansen

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