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Tintin Hardback Book Collection

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

This year I started to collect the Tintin range of books. Like many, I have fond memories of these books as a child and I was keen to own a set of the books. They will look good on the shelves of my office with all my other collectables and books.

My Tintin collection so far
My Tintin collection so far

While I bought some new copies initially, I was open to buying second hand if I could find editions in really good condition.

Brand new, a lot of the hardback books are £10 to £12. Paperback is of course cheaper but I wanted hardback. Amazon is quite competitive on price for new editions and has the complete library available to buy.

If you are more patient and can wait, e-Bay was quite good for getting a bargain. Otherwise if you buy new, the collection of all 24 books could cost some £240+.

Currently I have just 4 more books to buy but I am quite early on when it comes to reading the books. I am waiting for my Congo edition to arrive, so tempted to just buy the remaining books very soon.

I remember being encouraged to take out books from the school library as a child and I always enjoyed borrowing these comics. I don't think I ever owned a Tintin book though as a child and it certainly brings back memories as I read quite a few of them.

The stories are not particularly PC for this day and age with the books covering topics or depicting things that would be frowned upon nowadays. So while some editions will not be suitable for your kids, they have to be appreciated as works of art and stories depicting their time. I suspect may adults buying editions.

Tintin - The art of Herge
Tintin - The art of Herge

I probably should read from the start in order but as most of my missing books are the earlier stories, I have just been reading what I feel like.

I also managed to buy a hardback book of Herge art. A really nice book, though mine is slightly damaged as a second hand hardback edition. The hardback being out of print and quite hard to find. I will likely buy a soft back edition as well but managed to get this edition (pictured) for a really good price.

On eBay, I was able to pick up one collection of 14 books that I did not have for about £45 which was really good. They were in excellent and new like condition which also included a couple of French copies that are nice to keep.

The Tintin collection
Tintin and The Lake Of Sharks
Tintin and The Lake Of Sharks

This picture above depicts most of the books except two. Tintin in the Congo is missing but can still be bought as a collectors edition (as not seen as PC). Then another book called Tintin and The Lake of the Sharks is missing as was not strictly speaking a Herge art comic but an adaption of the film with comic pics.

I am looking forward to reading through all the stories and have enjoyed what I have read so far. I will update this post once I have the full collection and will also update on my favourite stories.



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