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You Tube Travel Vlogs

You Tube is of course a very popular channel for creators, with a wide variety of programming available.

While I course love watching magic related content, I also enjoy watching travel vlogs. While many exist, here are a few of my favourites and what makes them so appealing to watch and follow. Often combing travel with food review or since Covid, some channels adapting and even renovating RV's.

Getting close to 6 years, I started following "The Endless Adventure" with Eric and Allison. Then more recently watching "The Magic Geekdom" with Cara and Jeremy. I have also followed the UK's Travel Beans. Each channel offering something different.

It just so happens that all three channels are couples who have given up the day to day life of a fixed abode for travel. Clever planning and running businesses from

Both channels are travel related with different focuses. Each presented and content edited by each couple.

The Endless Adventure

With Eric and Allison

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I have followed the particular channel since 2018 and at the time they had about 200K subscribers, which has now grown to 687K subscribers.

The channel actually started in Oct 2015 and they have posted some 851 videos! Initially the focus was on travel, visiting cities in Europe, Middle East and worlwide. An active channel with regular videos posted and some great city and food reviews.

Of course, when covid hit, the channel had to find a new direction and undertook a restoration project of an RV (recreational vehicle). Now travelling again, mainly around the Americas, they are currently touring Canda and Alaska in their RV.

A fun channel to follow.

"The Magic Geekdom"

With Jeremy and Cara

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This channel has its own focus with US couple Jeremy and Cara focusing on the UK and Europe. While the channel started in 2015, I suspect that the format has changed and in the last 2.5 years, Jeremy and Cara started travelling. Currently they have 53.1 k subscribers and 280 videos.

The videos are very well researched and are informative. They are very laid back and it is enjoyable watching them on screen. I particularly enjoy their UK videos and they have taught me a lot about my own country. It is like viewing the UK through a fresh pair of eyes. Some of the focus is food and they will review supermarkets, take-aways and restaurants, and of course a focus on cities.

I may have first discovered this channel a couple of years ago but have only more recently followed all the time. Probably my favourite travel vlog currently. I like the laid back style of Jeremy and Cara's fun and informative talks to camera.

My recommended channel to follow.

"Travel Beans"

With Alex and Emma

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Out of the three channels that I follow, this is the first UK couple. While I am not as familiar with Travel Beans as the other two channels, it is very popular. The focus is again on worldwide travel and can be US focused at times when I have watched.

Travel has been by RV/camoervan and they have current subscribers that are at an impressive 375K. They started travelling in May 2015 with some 572 videos. I first discovered them a few years ago and many will know them for the roadside fire that destroyed their van some 18 months a go or so. They now have a young child with some travel closer to home. Occasionally featuring in the Endless Adventure videos.


For anyone wanting to learn about foreign travel, countries, cities and food, all of these channels are worth viewing and following. As You Tube, many other channels exist to discover and all channels are supported by adverts.

All these channels offer bonus features and benefits if you support them as a patron. As I have watched The Endless Adventure for a long time, we did subscribe through Patreon for a while. If I was to do so again, I would probably support The Magic Geekdom.

Do check out these channels and let me know what you think.



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